Pogosto zastavljena vprašanja
Frequently asked questions

Objavljeno 6. junij, 2014

When is the full paper submission and how do we submit the paper?

  • The deadline is in july, the exact date will be announced later. The electronic submission forms will be open in june.
When is the last deadline for camera-ready papers?

  • We will receive the camera ready papers until august 25th 2014, later will not be possible because the papers will go to print.

Who shall I contact in case of technical problems with formatting and submission?

  • Contact proceedings editor: Andrej Trost

How do I register for the conference?

  • Register on the conference desk at the hotel Metropol during conference, you do not need to register in advance. Authors of all papers (except student competition and poster sections) shoud pay one registration fee for each paper, the conference sessions are free to attend for other visitors.

How much time is available for presentation?

  • 15 minutes, including short discussion

What do I need for presentation?

  • Each conference room will have a laptop and a projector. On the laptops are installed Windows, MS Office and pdf reader, so you should bring USB key or CD with your presentation in pdf or Office compatible format. In case of special requirenments bring your own laptop.

Področja konference

  • elektronika
  • telekomunikacije
  • avtomatika
  • simulacije in modeliranje
  • robotika
  • računalništvo in informatika
  • umetna inteligenca
  • razpoznavanje vzorcev
  • biomedicinska tehnika
  • močnostna elektrotehnika
  • merilna tehnika
  • didaktika

Conferece Topics

  • electronics
  • telecommunications
  • automatic control
  • simulation and modeling
  • robotics
  • computer and information science
  • artificial intelligence
  • pattern recognition
  • biomedical engineering
  • power engineering
  • measurements
  • didactics